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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who Will Replace Sherman as Texans' OC?

My prediction? Pat McPherson - current QB coach in Denver. I'm only half-kidding. Sure, it's a jab at the Texans for becoming a destination for ex-Broncos staffers, but I'm also somewhat serious that McPherson may be a solid candidate, especially if the rumors of Jake Plummer-to-Houston are true. This is the guy who apparently worked night and day with The Other Snake during his early (read: pre-benched for a rookie) days in Denver. The kid's got a nice enough resume, so assuming Kubes has a nice rapport with him, don't be surprised to see his name pop up as a candidate.

Of course, if Houston's going to be "Broncos South", let's be even more creative. How about Bryan Harsin for Offensive Coordinator? Here's one last name - Mike Dunbar, OC at Cal, formerly at Northwestern and Toledo. I can make no link to the Broncos for Dunbar, so he's probably not a reasonable candidate, but he's headed some very productive offenses over the past six seasons.


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