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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mike Sherman, We Hardly Knew Ye

As is the case with all first-rate staffs, the Texans are being plundered this off-season. First, it was Troy Calhoun leaving for the Air Force gig. Now, it's former Packers head coach (and more importantly, Texans assistant head coach/offensive line guru) Mike Sherman departing Space City for Arizona.

While it would be easy to make a crack about how Sherman must have a death wish, an irrational hatred of Tex-Mex, and/or some sort of complete disregard for the welfare of his own career, we here at H-Town Sports congratulate him on a return to the head-coaching ranks in the NFL. Sure, it means working for Bill Bidwell. Sure, it means coaching a team that is one of the standard-bearers for futility in professional sports. But it could also mean being Paris Hilton's 1,000,000th customer (courtesy of a proper introduction by Matt Leinart), and who can pass that up? Not Mike Sherman.

So vaya con dios, Coach Sherman. We wish you the best. Until you play the Texans, that is, when we'll be wishing you the absolute worst while simultaneously screaming that Gary Kubiak made you.


Blogger Scott said...

Uh oh, is Katy Tim going to have to play Jesus Ortiz and backpedal away from his Sherman-to-AZ story?

Fri Jan 12, 10:36:00 AM  

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