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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blue Light Special on Washed-Up, Injury-Prone, Selfish, Never-Won-Anything NBA "Super"-Stars

Want Chris Webber? How about Steve Francis? Apparently both players are about to be made available, as their respective teams are prepared to negotiate a buyout of the remaining contracts for each player in order to get them the hell off their roster. Interestingly enough, or maybe not-so-interestingly if you regularly follow the black holes that are the Knicks and 76ers, these two legends in their own minds may end up simply swapping roster spots, as the Sixers have reportedly shown interest in Francis and Isiah has shown interest in C-Webb. Could there be any more perfect fit in New York than Webber? I might have to purchase NBA League Pass. Something tells me that Bill Simmons may have something to say on this issue...

Would/Should the Rockets have any interest in either of these two? While Rafer Alston continues to brick away from all angles of the perimeter like it's his life mission, it is clear that the Rockets need help in the backcourt. The return of Steve Francis to The House that He (Allegedly) Built, however, is the worst idea since New Coke. The Rockets have become a winning team based on their JVG-inspired identity as an unselfish offensive team who prides itself on outstanding defense. Steve Francis fits as well into that equation as Rosie O'Donnell does into a child-sized wetsuit.

Webber, however, is another matter. I could envision Webber as being a dangerous offensive weapon off the bench and becoming a very dangerous high-low option to pair with Yao Ming. Defensively, however, Webber obviously leaves much to be desired, especially now that his knees are virtually cartilage-free. For a small amount of money, though, I would not be opposed at all to Webber becoming a Rocket. With Yao out, the Rockets need some interior scoring, and I think Webber could provide that in short bursts, much like Juwan Howard has proven capable of doing in recent games.

One other Rockets note: John Hollinger lists the Rockets' draft-night acquisition of Shane Battier as the #3 move of the offseason, in hindsight, trailing only the Magic's signing of Trevor Ariza and the Nuggest deal for J.R. Smith, both of which netted valuable players at even lower costs than the Rockets paid for Battier. Hollinger also gave the Kirk Snyder deal "honorable metnion" status, and I agree that Snyder's return from his broken wrist will be a welcome sight. Any minutes that can be removed from No-Fer's column constitute a positive move.


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