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Thursday, December 28, 2006

So David Carr DIDN'T Have a Good Game on Sunday?

The increasingly readable Jerome Solomon made some great points about the city's much maligned quarterback in his latest blog post. Namely, that everyone trumpeting Carr's performance on Sunday as "flawless" should take a deep breath and watch the game a little closer:

"I watched the Houston-Indianapolis game with an NFL defensive back, and he pointed out several interesting things about Carr's play. Carr checked off his first option perhaps three times in the game. When his first option was covered, he threw the ball away (assuming all of his wildly wayward throws were intentional). Now that could be coaching or game plan or fear ... or all of the above could be one in the same."

Five years into his career, I have to admit that I'm a wee bit concerned that the Texans' starting QB is still apparently incapable of going through his progressions. Memo to Bob McNair: Please take this into account when you're wrestling with D.C.'s future in a few days. And by "wrestling with D.C.'s future," I mean "buying him a bus ticket back to Bakersfield."


Blogger Scott said...

In the spirit of the holidays, I deleted my rage-filled comment to your Texans-Colts recap post earlier this week before I posted it to the site. I agreed with all of the non-Carr related comments that you made, but I quibbled with your description of Carr's play as "tremendous" and making OC's around the league "salivate". Jerome checked you nicely.

Carr is such a disaster that his coach is running Ron Dayne on 3rd and 8+. He threw one pass that I remember down the field, and it was huge - to #80 late in the 4th. I hope that the Texans win on Sunday, but I am beginning to feel this unshakeable sensation that McNair may refuse to tear up DC's contract based on the increasingly effective running game, the injuries to the offensive line, the lack of #1 QB talent in the draft and the possible 6-win season. If Bobby Mc would just watch two or three other NFL teams play each Sunday, he would see that his franchise's offense is the equivalent of a horseless carraige. A change is demanded, even if it's a 38 year old gay Mexican for a season. Shake him straight, KUBES!!!

Fri Dec 29, 10:37:00 AM  

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