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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Also on the News at 6:00 - The Sun is Hot

The Baseball Prospectus today ranks NL starting pitchers in terms of the "luck" from which they benefited in 2006. Not so surprisingly, the Astros were represented on this list by Wandy Rodriguez, who ranked 24th. BP defines "Luck" for starting pitchers by comparing the number of extra wins and short losses that pitchers earn to his expected record. According to BP, Wandy's pitching was equivalent to a pitcher with a 7-10 record, though he actually recorded a 9-10 record on the season.

Also in the "Sky is Blue" category is the fact that Roger Clemens ranked as the unluckiest Astros SP in 2006. BP's theory is that Clemens "should" have been about 10-3, considerably better than his actual 7-6 mark. One other note - the unluckiest pitcher in the NL? New Astro Jason Jennings, who BP slotted as worthy of a 15-10 record, much more respectable than the 9-13 hand that he drew.


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