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Monday, December 18, 2006

Don't You Love Smartass Sportswriters Attempting to Enforce Double Standards?

Richard Justice had this prose in his column regarding yesterday's execution at Gillette Field:

Afterward, Gary Kubiak said he was the man to blame. No kidding. Don't you love it when the person in charge acts like he's playing the role of martyr by accepting the responsibility for things going south?
What do you think Dick would have said had Kubiak not verbally shouldered the blame for Sunday's debacle? What a snide piece of crap Justice is. The team plays like crap, especially the quarterback, and the coach admits it and takes the blame for it, and Richie takes a cheap at the coach for honesty and candor. Unfortunately, this, of course, is not surprising anymore. Justice is lucky that Kubiak is a classy guy whose focus is on building a winning franchise in Houston; I'd have enjoyed the YouTube footage of Kubes smashing today's sports page across Justice's delicate knuckles in such a fashion that today's crappy column would be Justice's last without the aid of a dictaphone.


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