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Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally, God Tosses Astros Fans A Bone!

It's been a rough week here in Astros country. A deal for Jon Garland falls through. Andy Pettitte takes his act back from whence he came. The 'Stros acquire Jason Jennings, who doesn't have a contract past this season, for their starting centerfielder and two of the best young arms in their organization. But just when things looked the darkest, a beam of sunlight bursts through.

That's right, H-Town! The Rooster signed with the Rockies! Oh, happy day! Christmas came early for every Astros fan today. And what does Colorado's director of player development think about his newest acquisition?

"He was in the World Series not long ago, but did not have a very good year last year," Gustafson said.

Uh, Marc? Normally, I might comment on how you maybe should have looked at a bit more tape, but I won't. I'm just so damn happy that you took Gas Can off T-Poo's hands. I mean, you have to think that this was part of the Jennings deal, right? As in, "No Hirsh unless you agree to sign Gallo too." Brilliant. T-Poo has taken some heat for his bold moves this off-season, but I happen to think the Rockies may have just rendered his reign a success, no matter how the 'Stros do next year.


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