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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tomorrow's Lead: HBU Economics Professor Teaches Van Gundy the Pick and Roll

Neat idea by David Barron in the lead story on the front page of today's Chronicle - writing about the incredibly somber mood of the City after Sunday's Vince-trosity at Reliant Stadium. I know that I was among many Texans fans who were dragging a bit yesterday morning, and as Barron noted, sports talk radio hit even newer lows in terms of fan morale. But for some real, in-depth football analysis, Barron provided this gem of an outtake:

"Young was terrible. He should have had at least two or three more passes intercepted. And on the touchdown run, he wasn't touched by a single defender. It was a total defensive breakdown," said University of Houston sociology professor Russell Curtis."

I'm admittedly not much of a sociologist, but my thesis is that VY may in fact deserve a bit of the credit for making it to the end zone untouched, Russell. I wonder how Russell would categorize David Carr's performance on Sunday, given that DC did complete an impressive 73.9% of his pass attempts compared to Young's 65.5%. According to his website, Russell has done some study in the areas of substance abuse and concentration issues. In that light, I'd like to respectfully suggest that Russell put down the crack pipe and re-watch that football with a more attentive mind. He may be surprised at the resulting enlightenment.


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