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Thursday, December 07, 2006

You Know You Want It

How about...a BEN ZOBRIST UPDATE!!!

Zobrist was third in the Arizona Fall League in batting average, hitting .366 in 27 games, with an OBP of .469 and a nice SLG of .515. According to Baseball America, he also was six players nominated for the 2006 Dernell Stenson Sportsmanship Award, which is handed out to the AFL player who "best exemplifies unselfishness, hard work and leadership".

AFL players from the Astros:

Mark McLemore: 2-0, 4.76 ERA, 17 IP, 13 H, 8 BB, 16 K, 1.24 WHIP
Matt Albers: 0-1, 3.94 ERA, 16 IP, 14 H, 6 BB, 9 K, 1.25 WHIP
Troy Patton: 2-0, 4.80 ERA, 15 IP, 12 H, 8 BB, 17 K, 1.33 WHIP
Chad Reineke: 1-1, 6.39 ERA, 12.2 IP, 16 H, 6 BB, 15 K, 1.74 WHIP


Blogger Tim said...

First off, thank you for the update on the 'Stros farm hands. Secondly, it's nice to see that you're keeping a tab on those you love (e.g., your inamorato Benjamin Zobrist) during this holiday season.

Fri Dec 08, 09:12:00 AM  

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