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Monday, December 04, 2006

Raiders Fumble Away Game, Secure #1 Overall Draft Pick

Hard to believe that the Fox/NFC game and CBS/AFC game being broadcast in Houston simultaneously involved members of the same league. I was ready for He Hate Me to come dashing out of the Oakland locker room at any moment. Unfortunately, I am running quite low on clever comments to describe the continuing embarrassment that is currently Houston Texans' football. Clearly, the offensive line and quarterback positions are still major problems for the hometown heroes.

- Observation #1: on multiple occasions in Sunday's game, David Carr had little time to throw because of Oakland's relentless pass rush. David Carr's reaction: dancing frantically around the pocket as if both his helmet and shoes were ablaze. This is precisely how QBs lose games (and how rookie Jay Cutler played in his first NFL start later that night - in a loss).

- Observation #2: on multiple occasions in Sunday's game, Tony Romo had little time to throw because of the Giants' relentless pass rush. Tony Romo's reaction: moving deftly in the pocket to a spot that bought him another half-second and trying to make a play downfield, even if the result was a NY helmet being implanted in his ribcage. This is precisely how NFL QBs win games for their team - by turning difficult situations into winning plays.

- I wanted to picket outside Reliant Stadium when I heard that Ron Dayne may be "getting some more touches" in Oakland. I would have rather seen Merciless himself, after Dayne's pathetic plodding in each of his previous chances to play. Kubes either hit the lottery or saw something substantial in practice, as Dayne ran like a Dayne circa 1996. Without his powerful ground attack, the Texans probably find a way to lose that game.

- DeMeco Ryans is not just the best defensive rookie in the NFL this year; he's a Pro Bowler, by any definition of the term. If he is not in Maui in late February, then there has been a tremendous injustice done.

- Nice to see you, Jerome Mathis. This guy is a weapon unlike any other kick return specialist I have ever seen. Even more amazing, of course, was the fact that ex-Coog Stanford Routt horsecollared JM from behind on his second half return. Edell Who?

- The decision by Kubes to not throw the ball in the second half was as brilliant as any in-game decision he has made so far in his tenure in Houston. As each play materialized, it became clearer and clearer just what was going to happen for the remainder of the game, and it was quite a joy to watch. Here's hoping for 75 carries for Gado/Dayne/Lundy this week against the Vinces.

- Notice any difference between Chad Stanley and Shane Lechler? CS - 40.4 yards per kick and zero inside the 20. SL - 56.8 yards per kick and zero inside the 20. On a team with a putrid offense, 15+ yards per punt becomes all the more important. Danny Sepulvada? Welcome to Houston. Never thought I'd be so happy to see you.

- Mario Williams was much, much better than his numbers indicated yesterday. I watch Mario on virtually every defensive snap, and he was consistently either in the backfield or double-teamed all day long (again). I am sick and tired of reading Sammy SeasonTicketHolder's critique of Mario's play. I'd like to hear whether or not Aaron Brooks felt Mario's presence yesterday.

- Prediction: Either Brad Lidge or Morgan Ensberg will not be an Astro come Opening Day 2007. My money's on Lights Out taking up residence elsewhere next season.

- Early lines I like: LSU -9 v. Notre Dame, Kentucky +10.5 v. Clemson, Tennessee -4.5 v. Penn State.


Blogger FuckingBrian said...

If there is a just and loving God he will reward our patience in the form of Troy Smith or Drew Stanton.

Mon Dec 04, 04:03:00 PM  

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