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Monday, November 27, 2006

Recommended Reading from HTS

Do yourself a favor and don't wait for Michael Lewis' new book The Blind Side to come out on paperback. I read it in a matter of hours over the holiday weekend, and it is well worth the early purchase. This book discusses the evolution of the left-tackle position on the offensive line, into which is woven the amazing tale of Michael Oher, who went from homeless to a HS All-American and the #1 offensive line recruit in the nation in 2005 in a matter of weeks. Both the football content and the narrative surrounding Oher's incredible ride are tremendously enjoyable to read, though I will say that I'm still a bit confused as to how a homeless kid can somehow weigh 325 pounds at age sixteen. That's a lot of soup kitchens, isn't it?

Lewis is also the author of Moneyball, another must-read from a couple years back that takes a fascinating look at Billy Beane's approach to building a baseball team in Oakland.


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