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Monday, November 27, 2006

[ESPN] Chizik to Ames

Horn fans hope that Gene takes the entire secondary with him, right? Or would they rather him take Frank Okam and rest of the Disappearing D-Line? Or Scott Derry? The possibilities seem endless.. Nonetheless, seems like a great hire for Iowa State. Color me a bit surprised that Chizik jumped at this particular opening. Maybe he realizes that the shine of last year's title is already fading, and he'd better get while the gettin's good?


Blogger Tim said...

I'm still not ready to talk about Friday's meltdown in Austin, but I am shocked that Chizik would jump at this job when Arizona State, NC State, Miami, and 'Bama are all already open. Iowa State isn't half the job any of those preceding four are. I think this was a poor career move on Mean Gene's part. That said, his stock is probably falling after the defense's freefall over the past two weeks.

Mon Nov 27, 03:31:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feh. That's a bit harsh. 9-3 on a defense that has had to go thru thirty million rotations due to injury would be a god-send up in Ames. McCarney had one of the longest tenures in Division I, despite a losing record (and only a .500 mark since 2000!)

In other words, Chizik is going to a very patient program that won't see 9-3 (or 8-4) as the bottom of the barrel. Arizona State has fired its last two coaches with winning records. Miami's expectations are higher than Texas. NC State is in no better position than ISU.

Bama is coaching death unless your first name happens to be Bear.

Iowa State is a great place for a coach who wants to exert maximum control with minimum micromanagement from the administration and/or donors/fans.

All he has to do is win consistently at ISU (ranked 12th in spending in the conference, but looking to move up - $135 million stadium renovation announced this summer) and he'll be attractive to any bigger program, so he isn't cutting his losses. He's taking a smart, if unconventional, step.

Mon Nov 27, 03:55:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

I couldn't agree more with you, Gene.

Mon Nov 27, 04:10:00 PM  

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