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Monday, November 20, 2006

Soul-Crushing Defeat

I'm still not really ready to talk about yesterday's loss to the Bills, but I feel like I have an obligation to the Texans fanbase to post my thoughts, even if doing so will require frequent breaks to refrain from punching out my laptop screen and/or to wipe the tears of disgust off my keyboard. I wouldn't call yesterday's debacle the most painful loss I've ever witnessed; after all, I did attend The University of Texas from 1997-2001. But it's definitely top five for me, and that' s really saying something for someone who fervently backs a franchise that's lost games at an alarming clip over the past five years. Without further ado:

1. I hate you, J.P. Losman. More than that, I hate the Texans secondary giving up 340 passing yards and 3 TDs to a quarterback who's lucky to post those stats over the course of three games. God, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

2. I hate you too, Lee Evans. 11 catches for 265 yards? With two touchdown catches of 83 yards apiece? On the exact same play? When did this become Madden '93, and when did Lee Freaking Evans become Jerry Rice?

3. I don't hate you, Petey Faggins. But I seriously thought about running down to the field to reprimand you after Evans' second arson at Reliant. And by "reprimand you" I mean "beat you about the head and shoulders until the security guards on the field went Fred Weary on my arse."

a. Getting burned twice by Lee Evans on the same play is inexcusable, but how about the complete lack of safety help? Unless you consider the safety letting Evans get behind him "help." Oh, this bile does not taste good at all.

b. Although the screw-ups cost the Texans 14 points, nice job of adjusting by Richard Smith in making sure that no one got behind the secondary again. You know, until...

4. Congratulations to Peerless Price, who decided to come back to life just in time to stab me in the heart. What a catch.

a. Nice coverage, defense.

5. Kudos to Dunta Robinson on his INT for a TD in the third quarter. Said kudos, however, are tempered by the fact that he got burned on a few big plays. Not Petey Faggins burned, but beat.

6. Mario Williams is still a force to be reckoned with. No sacks, but he was disruptive and frequently commanded double teams. His progress has been one of the real joys of this season.

a. Obligatory "I have a man crush on DeMeco Ryans" mention. Thanks for your patience.

7. Two close losses, two HUGE fumbles by Jameel Cook. His turnover at the seven yard line right before halftime almost moved me to tears. And I'm not talking about happy, "Rudy" type tears. I'm thinking more "Old Yeller" style. I'm officially concerned about Cook.

8. Memo to Chester Pitts: Please don't hold. Especially not when your team can put the game away. Sweet Mariah.

9. Eric Moulds had a nice game with five catches for 68 yards, and it was obvious that Carr was trying to get him involved against his old squad. It'd be nice if he was featured like that against teams from cities that don't end in "-uffalo."

10. Andre--another six catches for 76 yards. Just punch his ticket to Honolulu already.

11. David Carr had a record-tying 22 straight completions (take that, Mark Brunell!) and finished 25-30 for 223 yards but no TD passes and 1 INT. A steady but unspectacular day for him. Thankfully, we should be spared "Carr is the reason we lost" rants for a week.

12. Don't look now, but the Texans' offensive line is legit. Look at the number of sacks given up the last few weeks. The improvement is noticeable, despite a crippling spate of injuries up and down the line. I think we have Mike Sherman to thank for the vastly improved play.

a. GREAT debut by Eric Winston. You hate to lose Zach Wiegert, but the silver lining is that Winston will get to show that he is one-fifth of the offensive line for years to come.

13. In large part because of Point 12, the Texans had another successful day running the ball with 188 yards on 27 carries (7.0 yards a carry). Wow.

a. Samkon Gado--10 carries for 69 yards, including a pretty 34 yard run and a TD.

b. Wali Lundy--8 carries for 61 yards and a TD. Reggie who?

c. I feel really good about the running game with those two guys.

d. There's no way Domanick Davis is a Texan next year, right? You have to figure he'll be cut if they can't trade him.

14. In light of the success the Texans had running the ball, Kubiak's decision to throw on 3rd and 2 with less than two minutes is admittedly puzzling. Conventional logic says you pound the ball and make Buffalo burn their last timeout. I look at it this way: I applauded Kubes for being unconventional last week against the Jags, so I'm not going to attack him for calling the risky play this week. It didn't pay off this time, but I'd rather have a coach with cojones than a Dom Capers clone. Don't forget that Kubiak is still finding his way as a head coach; Mike Shanahan made those tough calls in Denver. I still love the guy, and I don't love many people after yesterday.

15. Swirling winds in the Meadowlands against the Jets? No problem. Watch for the Texans to continue to defy fans and Vegas alike with a win on the road. Believe it!


Blogger Bert said...

Passing on third and two is a gutsy call but as you yourself mentioned earlier in your post, they had 188 freaking rushing yards as this point. Running the ball was working. That quick slant play worked well in the first half but was essentially shut down in the second. On the other hand, RUNNING THE BALL WAS WORKING. I like gutsy calls but I think running the ball was actually working. On my way home from the game I think I might have muttered that 188 freaking times...

Mon Nov 20, 09:38:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

No argument from me, Bert. I'm just trying to hold my shattered psyche together by giving Kubes the benefit of the doubt. I think I'm developing an ulcer from this.

Tue Nov 21, 10:00:00 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

I can't comment without involuntarily committing to a 3,000 word manifesto, therefore, I'm abstaining from comment at this time.

Tue Nov 21, 11:17:00 AM  
Blogger Tim said...


Tue Nov 21, 12:48:00 PM  

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