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Friday, November 10, 2006

Finally, the Clouds Begin to Part

H-Town Sports can't expect to be reap the respect it deserves without joining in on the fun known as Bowl Projections, and last night's loss by Louisville left me with such a warm feeling inside that I am motivated to predict the remainder of the college football season and bowl schedule. I see the season playing out with 71 bowl-eligible teams. So, buckle up, boys and girls, and get out your pencils and paper...here's how it's going to play out:

Final Regular Season HTS Rankings
1. Ohio State 12-0
2. Florida 12-1
3. Michigan 11-1
4. Texas 12-1
5. Cal 11-1
6. Auburn 11-1
7. LSU 10-2
8. Louisville 11-1
9. USC 10-2
10. Wisconsin 11-1

Bowl Projections:
BCS Championship Game: Ohio State v. Florida
Sugar Bowl: LSU v. Louisville
Orange: Georgia Tech v. Auburn
Fiesta: Texas v. Boise State
Rose: Michigan v. Cal
GMAC: East Carolina v. Western Michigan
International: Cincinnati v. Ohio
Capital One: Wisconsin v. Arkansas
Gator: Virginia Tech v. West Virginia
Outback: Purdue v. Tennessee
Cotton: Oklahoma v. Auburn
MPC Computers: Miami (FL) v. Nevada
Chick-fil-A: Boston College v. South Carolina
Alamo: Iowa v. Nebraska
Meineke: Wake Forest v. Rutgers
Champs: Maryland v. Notre Dame
Insight: Penn State v. Missouri
Liberty: Houston v. Kentucky
Sun: Kansas v. Oregon
Music City: Clemson v. Alabama
Texas: Pittsburgh v. Oklahoma State
Holiday: Texas A&M v. USC
Independence: Texas Tech v. Georgia
Emerald: Florida State v. Oregon State
Motor City: Central Michigan v. Air Force
Hawaii: Hawaii v. Arizona State
Armed Forces: SMU v. TCU
New Mexico: New Mexico v. San Jose State
Birmingham: South Florida v. Southern Miss
New Orleans: Tulsa v. Middle Tennessee
Las Vegas: BYU v. Washington State
Poinsettia: Utah v. Navy

WOW - that was brutal. I got seasick at about the Independence Bowl. I'm sure I left a deserving team or four out of the mix and/or have some teams where they cannot possibly go, but it was quite a rush. Feel free to post your reaction to my insanity.


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