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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Quick Hits on Texans v. Giants: Pre-game Edition

I don't usually post my pre-game thoughts on the Texans, preferring to wait until I have actual tape to break down/rant about. But my cousin, a diehard Giants fan, lodged a special request that I memorialize my thoughts and predictions regarding our two respective squads meeting in Jimmy Hoffa Stadium this afternoon. I'm nothing if not a people-pleaser, so without further ado:

1. Today's game is without a doubt the most important game of David Carr's career. If he does a reasonable impression of last week's abominable performance, his time as Houston's starting QB is over. If D.C. does a reasonable facsimile of his stellar performance against the Jags two weeks ago, he lives to fight another day and shuts up the critics for at least a week. My bet? Carr doesn't finish the game, and the Houston QB Controversy goes into overdrive beginning this afternoon. I really, REALLY hope I'm wrong.

2. Regardless of who's throwing the ball to him, Andre Johnson will have a huge game. The Giants are ailing on defense, especially at CB (Sam Madison, their best DB, is reportedly out for today's tilt); I expect Andre to eat them alive.

3. The latest reports indicate that Plaxico Burress won't be playing for the Giants today. While I'm none too pleased about that from a fantasy perspective, I couldn't be happier from a Texans fan perspective. He would have destroyed the Texans.

4. Tiki Barber will get his yards, but the Texans' run defense has improved in leaps and bounds the past few weeks. I don't think it'll be the gimme stat game that many are predicting for Michael Irvin's nemesis.

a. I hate Michael Irvin. Nice to see Tiki call him out for the joke he is.

5. Another big game from Owen Daniels? Yup. He should be the beneficiary of a significant amount of short passes today. That's a mixed blessing though; his receptions will likely be the result of a strong Giants pass rush.

6. Another big game from Wali Lundy? God, I hope so. The Texans will have to run the ball with a modicum of success to have any chance today. I don't see him finishing with another 100 yard effort, but man...I really hope I'm wrong.

7. Bold Prediction No. 1--the Texans will finish with more sacks than the Giants. I will be the first to admit this completely defies logic. It's just a gut feeling. And I see my boy Anthony Weaver having a particularly disruptive afternoon.

8. I abhor Eli Manning. Ever since he refused to go to San Diego in the draft, I've hated him. It's called a draft. By its very nature, the draftee doesn't get to choose where he wants to go. That's what free agency is for. That punk should have been thankful that he got drafted, worked hard, and put in his time. If he was dead set on fleeing San Diego (and why would anyone be? It's freaking paradise!), Peyton's brother should have signed a contract that gave him an early out. He did not have the right to hold an entire franchise hostage. I don't even care about the Chargers, but I have actively rooted against Manning the Younger ever since he became a Giant and squealed with glee every time Phillip Rivers outplays him.

a. Is Bold Prediction No. 1 influenced by my burning hatred of Eli Manning? Maybe. Possibly. Yes.

b. Nothing would make me happier than David Carr outplaying Peyton's brother this afternoon. Do I think it's going to happen? No. But, MAN...it'd be sweet.

9. We've come to the portion of the program where I predict the outcome of today's game. A third Texans win? My past ill-founded optimism aside, I just don't see it. NYG 24, HOU 14. I think I just threw up in my mouth typing that.


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