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Friday, October 27, 2006

Off to Nashville

When the Texans ripped my still-beating heart from my chest last April and bypassed Vince Young with the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, I prayed that he wouldn't become an Oiler. Evidently, either (a) I didn't pray hard enough or (b) God is testing me, much in the same way that he tested Abraham. Of course, my trial is considerably more difficult than that of that pansy Abraham.

Despite my unabashed hatred for Bud Adams, I am traveling to Nashville today to witness VY's debut against his hometown team, my beloved Houston Texans. A friend of my father's has graciously provided tickets to Sunday's tilt, which is considerably kinder than his "thoughtful" gift of a #10 Titans jersey while my wounds were still painfully raw in late April. Obviously, I'm torn. I want to see Vince succeed, but I desperately want the Texans to win. I want to see Vince play well, but I want Mario Williams to have a big game, which necessarily requires that he pressure The Greatest Football Player These Eyes Have Ever Seen throughout the course of the afternoon. I want to see Vince prove his detractors wrong (screw you, Merril Hoge!) , but I want Carr to outshine him. Oh, the agony...

Regardless, I can't wait. I don't expect the Super Mario v. InVINCEable draft debate to be decided on Sunday (if it's ever decided), but it will be awesome to see the two of them square off. Here's to Vince having measured success on Sunday (and on 12/10/06, for that matter), Mario continuing his progress toward justifying the Texans' faith in him, Carr once again demonstrating that he's a legitimate NFL signal-caller, and the Texans clinching their first winning streak of the season. That's not asking for too much, is it?


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