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Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm No Psychic...

Well, it seems I may have been wrong about the Texans beating the Cowboys yesterday. As an added bonus, my idiocy will be enshrined in cyberspace for all of eternity. Despite my apparent inability to accurately evaluate the Texans, here are my thoughts on yesterday's debacle:

1. The Texans seemed like a genuine NFL franchise during the first half of yesterday's game. While even I didn't expect them to hold a 6-3 lead, the defense did a tremendous job of clamping down on Dallas, and Carr looked extremely poised in marching the Texans down the field.

2. I hate to agree with Scott (ever), but he's exactly right in his criticism of Kubes for not taking more chances with this undermanned squad. I understand that traditional wisdom says you take the points on the road, but you've got to go for it on 4th and 1 from the 1 on that first drive. Then again, when you've twice failed to punch it in from the one, don't you almost have to go with the sure points?

3. Saying the Texans running game is nonexistent is being far too kind. Much like a tumor, it's there, and it's abysmal. If the running game was a horse, it would be shot in the face and made into glue.

a. Why is it so freaking bad? Is it the offensive line's complete failure to push anyone off the line? Or is it the running backs not being fast enough to hit what little holes are created?

b. Would Domanick Davis be doing any better behind this line? Probably, but you can't think he'd be that much better. Instead of 1.4 yards a carry, I'd bet he'd be good for 2.2 YPC.

4. How is it that the offensive line did such a great job pass-blocking yesterday but can't run-block to save its life? If memory serves, the allegedly vaunted Cowboys defense didn't put Carr on his back a single time yesterday afternoon.

5. Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds are the only legitimate weapons Carr has. Both killed the Dallas defense on slants and crossing routes yesterday.

6. My biggest question about yesterday's strategy is a tangent from Point Two. Why didn't Kubes and/or Calhoun take ANY shots down the field? The line did a great job protecting Carr, and a big passing play could have thrown the Texans right back into it when they were down 10-6 or 17-6.

7. The secondary is still abhorrent. Dunta Robinson's regression this season has officially started giving me night terrors.

a. I met Phillip Buchanon yesterday after the game. Although I was calling for his head throughout the slaughter and have repeatedly dreamed of making him pay for all the heartache he's put me through, the Texans had sufficiently crushed my spirit to the point that I simply remarked, "Tough game" and "We'd better get 'em next week" before getting him to autograph my ticket stub out of a sense of irony. I'm such a coward.

b. Buchanon did, however, have a dynamite punt return that put the Texans in position for the lead at halftime. How's that for rationalizing cowardice?

8. Drew Bledsoe is terrible. The fact that he didn't throw a pick yesterday is a testament to how bad the Texans are. He was completely bailed out on several occasions by his wide receivers. Speaking of...

9. I hate Terrell Owens like poison, and I cannot wait for the inevitable day that he destroys the Cowboys.

10. Mario Williams looked very good. While he didn't register a sack, he was active in the backfield and in Bledsoe's face on several occasions. I'm telling you, he's going to be everything we hoped and dreamed of.

11. DeMeco Ryans' continued excellence is quickly valuting "DeMeco" up the ladder as possible names for my firstborn child. You know, whenever I actually meet a woman that'd sign off on that sort of thing.

12. Texas Stadium is a dump.

13. Despite my preparation for the contrary, I was generally treated well by Dallas fans. There was only one assclown that nearly caused me to reach for my taser.

14. The Texans will beat the Jags this week. In the words of Jose Lima, "Believe it!"


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