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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Uncle D and T-Poo are already at work this offseason. Are they working out a deal for A-Rod? Preparing for the Rule V Draft? Drafting a contract extension for Dan Wheeler? Nope. They are negotiating Craig Biggio's contract for 2007, according to Alyson Footer at Astros.com. Somewhere, the muffled whimpers of Chris Burke can be faintly heard.

The news that Biggio's agent and Astros' management are talking is not necessarily in and of itself that depressing, but the details of their talks certainly are, at least if you would like the Astros to be a better baseball team in '07 than they were in '06. Footer states in her article that "both sides agreed that [Biggio] would not take a pay cut in 2007." Her next sentence reads, "How much of a raise [Biggio] receives, however, is still in question."

Let's see, a 41 year-old 2B (42 by Opening Day 2007) with an OBP of .306, an average of .246, an OPS of .727 and severely limited defensive skills has earned the right to be paid more than four million dollars next season!?!? I guess by that logic, Brad Ausmus' 0-for-42 slump probably guaranteed him a minority stake of ownership in the franchise. Wandy Rodriguez is due Rocket money. Back the truck up for Mike Gallo!

I have made my feelings (see Comments to linked post) abundantly clear on this site as to what I think should be done with Craig Biggio next season. He should be welcomed back at a fraction of the cost in a diluted role only. The idea that Biggio is in line for a pay raise after the season he just had and with the offense as embarrasingly punchless as it has been for the past two seasons makes me think that Uncle Drayton is more concerned with his image with the public than he is with winning baseball games. Gasp! Who cannot wait to read Justice's column in the next ten days announcing the glory of this deal and the fabulous love affair between the team, the town and the player and then the column next May when Biggio's hitting .195, the team is ten games under .500 and Chris Burke is rotting on the bench roasting managment for their ineptitude and Biggio for his selfishness?


Blogger Tim said...

It's been a busy day, but I'm glad to see you accomplished all you set out to do:

Defend Casserly despite insurmountable evidence that he is a terrible general manager? Check.

Bash McLane, Purpura & Co.? Check.

Disparage a local icon? Check.

Declare undying fealty to Chris Burke? Check.

Go ahead and take the rest of the afternoon off. You've earned it.

Wed Oct 18, 03:58:00 PM  

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