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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So Apparently Local Sports Talk Radio COULD Get Worse...

David Barron reports in his blog that Ted DeLuca and John P. Lopez will replace Dan Patrick on 790 AM from 12-3 weekdays with a daily call-in show. I am not an avid sports talk radio guy, to be honest, but I do have an hour commute each way, so I hear bits and pieces as I drive. I listen to John and Lance in the mornings depending on what they are discussing, and I like Charlie Palillo in the afternoons on 790, if I am in the mood for sports talk on the drive home. 790 AM sure seems to be headed straight for the toilet, though. Their new morning show is absolutely insufferable, and I have heard these two mid-day guys as fill-ins before, and I cannot imagine they will stand up very well against Rome on 610 and Patrick on 97.5 FM (ESPN Radio's new home in Houston). The difficult part of listening to sports talk radio in Houston is that as bad as the hosts are, the callers are typically even worse, which is not really a recipe for entertaining radio.


Blogger Tim said...

Talk radio in this town is downright unlistenable, but Palillo is far and away the best. The rest of the "personalities" make me reach for a bottle of bleach to chug.

Wed Nov 08, 01:23:00 PM  

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