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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Latest Kick to the Collective Groin of H-Town

Did anyone who ever watched Vince Young play at Madison or Texas have ANY doubt that he was going to win yesterday's game against the Texans? No way. It was a done deal the minute he stepped onto the turf at Reliant. The guy just wins. And if there was a more fitting way to rip the heart out of his hometown than by scrambling nearly forty yards for the game-winning touchdown in overtime, I don't know what it is.

As Scott so eloquently posted below, this was a terrible weekend to be a fan of Houston sports. The only thing that could have made it worse would have been Yao or Berkman getting arrested. I'm not sure I would have gotten out of bed today if not for the Horns upsetting LSU at the Toyota Center last night. That's really the only thing that kept me from dropping a radio in the bathtub.

I just feel defeated. Spent. Crushed. I really need to take up a hobby, because the Texans are taking years off my life. Nevertheless, a brief review of the latest loss that made me question the existence of a kind and merciful God:

1. David Carr didn't lose the game. That's because Kubiak won't give him the opportunity to do so. I do not see any way that D.C. is a Texan next year. It's patently clear that Kubes doesn't trust him, and it looks like the two of them are just playing out the string until they can make a clean break in the off-season. It's like a bad marriage.

a. The line of scrimmage is back there, Dave. Please don't throw/shovel/pitch/drop the football after you cross it.

2. Another nice game for Ron Dayne. That's two in a row. Most franchises wouldn't celebrate consecutive solid outings from their running back, but that's stop-the-presses type stuff here. And people wonder why I'm so bitter.

3. Yet another great effort from Morlon Greenwood (10 tackles and a forced fumble). He has transformed from contractual albatross to solid starter.

4. DeMeco Ryans had another 14 tackles. I wish he played QB.

5. Super Mario didn't fill up the stat line, but it's fun to watch offenses run away from his side. The guy is a monster.

a. It's not Mario's fault that he's not Vince. I wish people would stop holding that against him.

6. Petey Faggins was dynamite, coming up big with a forced fumble and VY's only pick of the day. I'm still not sold on him as a starting corner though.

7. Nice game from Kris Brown.

8. Another bad game by Chad Stanley. How has he gotten so much worse since last year?

9. Vince Young rules.

10. New England is going to destroy the Texans on Sunday. I just hope no one gets hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern (and any red blooded Houston sports fan should be very concerned):

An open letter to the City of New Orleans

Seeing as how a little more than a year prior to this date after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina the City of Houston did what it could to help the citizens of New Orleans in a time of desperate need (this lame attempt at humor is not meant to trivialize the true suffering of those devastated by Katrina or suggest that there are not many still suffering today) and seeing as how the professional football team of that same City of Houston – the Texans bestowed upon New Orleans by virtue of their failure to select Reggie Bush the best running back in the National Football League I propose a deal that would at once repair our city’s wounded sports psyche and allow New Orleans to pay back Houston’s kindness in New Orleans’ time of need. New Orleans trade football teams with us! Send your personnel here and we will send ours to you. Let us keep them for three years or until they reach the Super Bowl which ever comes first. At that time we will take our team back and given how good your Saints look now you should still have several good years of winning seasons to enjoy. It is a simple proposal that relies heavily on the generosity of New Orleans. New Orleans we would owe you big time. Just think about it. Please let us know before the playoffs start we need cancel a couple of Tractor Pulls at Reliant Stadium if you decide to go for the swap.

Sincerely a Houston Sports Fan

Tue Dec 12, 01:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

Here is another kick to our collective groin:


If true, Purpura should be run out of town.

Tue Dec 12, 04:15:00 PM  

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