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Monday, January 15, 2007

Magic? Lack of Humidity? Running Faster Sans Handgun?

Please submit your suggestions as to why Jabar Gaffney - a 2nd round draft pick of the Texans in 2002 - is suddenly capable of back-to-back magnificent performances (in the postseason, no less) as he has had the past two weeks against the Jets and Chargers. Judging from the general consensus of the Houston fans that I know, it must certainly be true that (a) Charley Casserly had no idea what he was doing when he drafted Gaffney in 2002, and (b) it was absolutely not David Carr's fault that Gaffney never had a single game like his last two. So in that case, what gives?

Obviously, two games doth not a career maketh, but I need some help in understanding what has happened to make Jabar Gaffney capable of getting open all over the field, when he was ne'er found open downfield in four full seasons in Houston. It cannot possibly be that either Casserly actually drafted a productive player whose talents were wasted by a terrible coaching staff and terrible quarterback, could it? What will you try to tell me next, an ice storm will envelop the Gulf Coast?


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