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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rhett No-More

The list of major college football programs that have suspended and/or removed significant contributors continues to grow. First, Larry Coker suspended starting tailback Tyrone Moss and starting wideout Ryan Moore, among others, for the season-opening game against Florida State University for undisclosed violations of team policy. Then Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville announced that he was suspending linebackers Tray Blackmon and Kevin Sears for three games each for alcohol-related incidents, a suspension which guarantees that these two will miss the crucial home date against LSU. But by far the move most likely to affect the national championship picture is the permanent suspension by Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops of starting QB Rhett Bomar and OG JD Quinn for taking money in excess of that which they had earned while working for a Norman-area car dealership - the same car dealership which has already proved troublesome for its extremely friendly leasing policy to Sooner star RBs. The 'standard operating procedure' of this dealership includes allowing customers to drive new cars for several weeks before deciding whether or not to purchase the vehicle. How many smart ass Texas fans have made the drive to Norman to request the "AD Special"?

This news seems to re-level the playing field between the Horns and the Sooners in the Big XII this fall. The Sooners appeared to have temporarily edged ahead thanks to Bomar's experience at the helm of the Sooner offense and his obvious development late last season. Every snap that Paul Thompson is forced to take for the Crimson and Cream is guaranteed to induce heartburn and nausea for the Okie faithful. What absolutely deflating news for the Sooners and their fans. Bomar had already experienced multiple run-ins with the law during previous years at OU and cemented his name as a synonym for "Loser" with this latest life-changing decision. And I do not want to hear one damn word about how Bob Stoops exhibited "class" and "honor" by kicking Bomar off the team. Stoops had absolutely no choice but to make the move that he made. Not doing so would risk the chance that the entire team's season would be placed in jeopardy for using players likely to be ruled ineligible by the NCAA as a result of their conduct. This is proof of nothing other than the facts that (1) Bomar is an idiot who thought he was above reprimand and (2) some college football 'fans' still cannot draw the line between fantasy and reality. A 'fan' who uses his car dealership to earn points with the Program, all the while knowing that he is potentialy risking the eligibity and reputation of his beloved Program is no fan at all.


Blogger Kevin said...

Don't be surprised if the starter is Joey Halzle, not Paul Thompson.

Halzle doesn't have Bomar's talent, obviously, but he may well have smarts and maturity beyond Bomar's. Certainly maturity, as he's still on the team and Bomar isn't! :)

Wed Aug 02, 06:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now if only rice's whole team could get suspended out of their misery...

Wed Aug 02, 08:00:00 PM  

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