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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Zobrist Watch Starts a New Chapter

With the dealing of Julio Lugo to the Dodgers today, Tampa Bay opened up its everyday shortstop job. Ty Wiggington, the Rays' everyday 3B since Aubrey Huff was dealt, is also out for the season due to an injury, and according to Marc Topkin of the St. Petersburg Times, BJ Upton and Ben Zobrist have been called up to play 3B and SS, respectively.

Timmy P's midseason work now begins to fall under further scrutiny, as one of the prospects that he did manage to trade has miraculously leapt from Double-A to the majors, about two weeks after being freed from the shackles of the Astros' organization. Talbot tossing quality starts in Double-A, Zobrist already starting at short for the Rays and Huff hitting .224 for the Astros. The hits just keep a-comin! I guess Hunter Pence's letters of recommendation to every other GM in baseball did not get out in time to earn him emancipation.


Blogger Tim said...

And Adam Everett continues to be an offensive liability in Houston. Ouch.

Mon Jul 31, 05:12:00 PM  

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