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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jon Daniels Must Be High

After a strong day of carousing in Boston with family, I just returned to my hotel room to learn from ESPN News (or ESPNEWS, if you prefer) that the Rangers allegedly offered Rod Barajas and Brad Wilkerson to the 'Stros for one Bradley Thomas Lidge this evening. Not surprisingly, T-Poo is reported to have shot the Rangers down. Perhaps it's my complete lack of tolerance at this point, but words cannot describe the disgust I have for Rangers GM Jon Daniels for even allegedly proposing that deal. Sure, Lights Out Lidge has fallen from grace since last season, but Barajas and Wilkerson collectively still cannot hold his jockstrap. Daniels is like the idiot in every fantasy league that offers Kevin Millwood for Big Papi or Jerry Hairston for Francisco Liriano. If I was Tim Purpura, I would refuse to take his calls from now on unless the words "Carlos Lee" or "Michael Young" were uttered.


Blogger Scott said...

The Lidge-to-Texas rumor reeks of a smokescreen to me. I imagine that Purpura is trying to convince someone else (Baltimore, Arizona, Washington) that he has other suitors for Lidge. Wilkerson is a nice OF and may be squeezed with the addition of Cruz and Lee to the Rangers' OF, but he is not Lidge-worthy.

Sun Jul 30, 10:09:00 AM  

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