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Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Matchups" Run Amok

I hope that using Trever Miller to turn around Javy Valentin with one out in the ninth inning last night was worth potentially losing your closer permanently. Lidge was visibly upset last night, and rightfully so. He has been pitching better as of late and had not yet allowed a run last night. Furthermore, Trever Miller is NEVER a better option than Lidge. That is like pinch-hitting Brad Ausmus for Lance Berkman with RISP in a close and late situation becuase the opposing pitcher is a lefty. Garner's tinkering has gone too far, and if Lidge is lacking in confidence, much of that blame must be placed on his manager. For Lidge's sake, I hope he gets traded to a team with a competent pitching coach and a trusting manager. Despite Lidge's struggles, he has blown only four saves in twenty-six save opportunities this season, which is as good or better than Brian Fuentes, Billy Wagner, Ryan Dempster, Jason Isringhausen and Derrick Turnbow and just one more than Tom Gordon, Trevor Hoffman and Joe Borowski. Lidge may not be as good as he once was, but he sure deserves better treatment than he received last night.


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