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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Trade Rumblings

Jayson Stark of ESPN.com reports that there was an alleged proposal from the Orioles for Miguel Tejada:

"Tejada has been linked heavily lately with the Astros, in a deal that allegedly would send shortstop Adam Everett, pitcher Fernando Nieve and hot outfield prospect Hunter Pence to Baltimore. But according to an official of one club that has been speaking with both teams, the Astros have backpedaled away from that proposal at the speed of sound. And two different baseball men told us unequivocally this week that Houston's interest in trading for Tejada now is "minimal" at best."

Hold on a second...you're telling me that the 'Stros had a chance to acquire Miggy Freaking Tejada (.323 BA, 18 HR, 69 RBI, .372 OBP, .511 SLG) for Everett, Nieve, and Pence? If I'm Tim Purpura and the Orioles propose that deal, I can't say "Deal" fast enough. Pence and Nieve are talented prospects, sure, but it's going to cost something to get a bat like Tejada. Plus, you're not giving up Hirsh, Albers, or Patton! And as a no-hitting cherry on top of that sundae, the Orioles are willing to take Everett as well? I would have sent the papers into the league office so quick it would have made heads spin. If the 'Stros actually backed off of that proposal, T-Poo and his entire staff should be publicly executed at Union Station.

In that same article, Stark mentions that although Ensberg is apparently coveted by San Diego, it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. As bad as Mo has been since May, I'm inclined to think that you don't trade him for just Scott Linebrink right now. Linebrink would bolster the 'pen, but I have to think you could get more for someone coming off a 36 HR, 101 RBI season than just a middle reliever.

Interesting to note that there's no mention of trading Lidge in Stark's article. The Chronicle has certainly been beating that drum lately...


Blogger Scott said...

´╗┐Considering the giant void of infield talent in upper half of the Astros' minor league system, I would not be too keen on dealing Ensberg, if I was Purpura, but the same could be said for your top SS prospect, and he was shipped out for a fairly average corner IF/OF, so who knows what will materialize.

I would not pull the trigger on that Orioles deal, however, if I'm Houston. Tejada is a nice player, but my understanding of the current MLB agreement is that because Tejada is currently inked to a long-term deal and has five years of big league service under his belt, he has the right to demand a trade at the end of the season if he is traded from the Orioles during the course of his current contract. That means you could potentially be renting Tejada, in which case dealing Pence, Nieve and Everett would be FAR too high of a price, in my opinion.

Tue Jul 25, 12:40:00 PM  
Blogger Tim said...

Even if you're just renting Miggy for the remainder of the season, I still make the trade. Bottom line is that the 'Stros have no choice but to play for this year. The majority of the team (especially the starting pitching) is geared toward this one final run. If you've got to part with Pence and Nieve to get a big bat for a playoff run with Clemens, Oswalt, and Pettitte, you do it. As you've noted on several occasions, the strength of the farm system is pitching; you can get away with giving up a quality arm. I'd hate to see Pence go before he gets a shot at the majors, but that's likely the price of playing poker right now.

My ultimate solution would still be figuring out a way to acquire Carl Crawford, but T-Poo has instructed his secretary to tell me he's out to lunch every time I call.

Tue Jul 25, 12:57:00 PM  

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