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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tejada Contract Question

With all of the rumor and innuendo about Miguel Tejada possibly being the answer to the prayers of Astros' fans, I think that it is important to get the facts straight about his contract and the effect of a trade upon it. Here is a link to the current MLBPA agreement with the owners.

See page 70, which is Article XX Section C. Paraphrasing, any player with 5+ years of big league service time (Tejada has this) who, at the time that his contract is assigned to another team (trade) has a contract that includes the subsequent season (Tejada is definitely signed through 2007) may at the conclusion of the season in which he is traded require that his contract be assigned to another team (demand another trade). If he signs with the team that traded for him (Astros, hypothetically), then he loses the ability to demand a trade if he's traded again the next season. Down in subsection (C)(2)(c), if he is not traded on or before the 15th of March (2007), then he shall become a free agent immediately thereafter.

In other words, Tejada can void his deal and become a free agent if the Orioles trade him. Like Beltran years ago, the Astros can hope to sign him long-term, but they will likely be waiting until after March 15 to do so, and then they will be competing with all of major league baseball for his services. To me, this means Tejada must be viewed as a rental player and any package proposed to obtain him must be valued accordingly. Pence, Nieve and Everett for two months of Tejada is not a deal that I would agree with from an Astros' perspective.


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