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Monday, July 31, 2006

Remind Me Next Year

Each year, after the MLB non-waivers trading deadline passes (yet again) with only a flurry of meaningless deals materializing, I tell myself, "Next year no one is going to get my pulse racing about this stupid deadline. It's annually the most anti-climactic day in sports." And each year, I convince myself, "This year is The Year...it's going to be CRAZY". Looks like I was wrong again. What a bore. The Mets seem to have earned the honors for Best Additions - Roberto Hernandez and Scott Linebrink make their bullpen very solid, even without Duaner Sanchez.

I would love to have a press pass for entry into the Astros' clubhouse tomorrow to speak to Roy Oswalt and Brad Lidge. That should be quite interesting. I would rather have Jeremy Foster ask the questions than Jose de Jesus Ortiz, who is sure to screw up the situation.

By the way, I do not know for sure whether or not this is accurate, but I do know that Richard Justice earlier today broke the alleged "story" that Drayton McLane demanded that Brad Lidge be traded before today's deadline. Since then, I have read in multiple places online that Richard Justice later went on ESPNNews and denied that any such "demand" was ever made. I am not claiming to be surprised, just further disgusted. This fine city deserves so much better than Justice and Ortiz. What a crapfest.


Blogger Shafty said...

Justice is just about the worst glory-hound there is. He can't stop himself at just reporting the news--he has to be the news.

Mon Jul 31, 05:18:00 PM  

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