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Monday, May 01, 2006

Texans' Projected Starters

Now that the draft is over, the Chronicle listed what it believed to be the Texans' depth chart in today's edition:


Here's my admittedly optimistic take on the starters come kick-off on September 10th against the Eagles:


WR--Andre Johnson (given)
LT--Charles Spencer (a bit of a reach, but the thought of Seth "Swinging Gate" Wand starting again is too much to bear)
LG--Chester Pitts (finally gets to move back to guard, which everyone thinks is a much better fit than tackle)
C--Mike Flanagan (solid free agent acquisition)
RG--Steve McKinney (should be interesting to see how he does away from C)
RT--Eric Winston (will probably be Zach Wiegert, but I am officially driving the Winston bandwagon)
TE--Jeb Putzier (playing Mark Bruener is akin to displaying "It's a running play!" on the video screens)
WR--Eric Moulds (I'm positively giddy just typing that)
QB--David Carr (with VY in Tennessee, I pray for Kubiak's sake that this decision pans out)
RB--Domanick Davis (could anyone be any happier with Mario Williams' selection than this guy?)
FB--Jameel Cook (ummm...good?)


LDE--Anthony Weaver (justify that $25 mil, Tony)
T--Seth Payne (with Travis Johnson waiting in the wings)
T--Robaire Smith (with Travis Johnson waiting in the wings)
RDE--Mario Williams (check that--Sam Bowie is probably happier than Domanick Davis about the Mario Williams pick)
OLB--DeMeco Ryans (could overshadow Super Mario as the best defensive rookie on the squad)
MLB--Sam Cowart (gotta have a savvy, crusty veteran in the linebacking corps)
OLB--Morlon Greenwood (look, I'm happy you're a U.S. citizen; how about you start tackling like one now?)
LCB--Dunta Robinson (if not for him, I would have thrown Molotov cocktails every time the defense took the field at Reliant last year)
RCB--DeMarcus Faggins (would've been nice to have another DB (Ko Simpson) here...what's that? We've got Phillip Buchanon? (Reaching for bleach to drink))
FS--C.C. Brown (should be an adventure)
SS--Glenn Earl (safeties are overrated anyway)


Blogger Ted Bosquez said...

Do you really want a rookie who played just one season at offensive tackle (right offensive tackle) to play the left tackle spot? Might as well start drafting Carr's obituary for mid-November posting on H-Town sports.

Wed May 03, 11:27:00 AM  
Blogger Tim said...

No, I don't want a rookie protecting Carr's weakside. But I want even less for Seth Wand to be charged with that task. In a perfect world, Spencer or Winston rises to the occasion and makes the job his own. Seeing as how this is the Texans, I fully expect Casserly will lure Boselli's corpse out of retirement with an $18 million signing bonus to anchor the left side of the line.

Wed May 03, 01:26:00 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

LT: Pitts
LG: Wand
C: Flanagan
RG: McKinney
RT: Wiegert

Unless Winston or Spencer move to guard, I'd be surprised to see either of them in the starting lineup for Game 1. By midseason, different story, but I imagine Kubiak's need to win immediately will prevent him from 'going young' right off of the bat.

Wed May 03, 01:34:00 PM  
Blogger Ted Bosquez said...

The Cowboys commentators had an interesting take on rookies and the offensive line - they observed that in Cowboys' history - even players like Mark Stepnoski, Larry Allen, Nate Newton, Mark Tunei, Erik Williams, Flozell Adams - all players who went on to participate in one or more Pro Bowls on the offensive line - not a single one of them started or were viewed ready to start as rookies.

Larry Allen due to injuries his rookie year started the last few games of the season at guard, but that was due to injuries and necessity - we were forced to start Petite who held up well before Flozell Adams was lost (because the Cowboys could help him with a TE), but once that help could no longer be spared - we paid the price - 40+ sacks with two guys at the tackle spots who had never played the position at the NFL.

I think Scott is right - rookies and the offensive line are a risk - they should be groomed for a few years then they will come into their own - you may have to suffer one more year or so of Texans' offensive line woes (or least a significant portion of this coming season) before the value of this year's third round becomes apparent (if at all).

Wed May 03, 05:22:00 PM  

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