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Friday, April 21, 2006

[ESPN Insider] Jets-Texans draft-day trade

Todd McShay of Scouts, Inc. and ESPN Insider fame writes in his column today (subscription required) that the Jets are trying hard to move up to the top of the draft board so that they can make a "splash" by selecting Reggie Bush. I have personally advocated the trade of the #1 overall pick by the Texans since Day One, and I still do. Once Kubiak made the decision to keep David Carr as the starting QB, which is a decision whose accuracy will not be known for three or four more seasons, their most productive 2006 draft option has clearly been to gather additional high draft picks, if possible. Neither the Saints nor the Titans are apparently interested in Bush, and trading down below #4 in the first round would not afford the Texans the opportunity to draft either OL D'Brickashaw Ferguson or DL Mario Williams, either of whom would fill a tremendous void on the Texans roster. Therefore, the Jets seem to be the Texans' best bet for a draft partner.

McShay suggests that a potential deal could involve the Texans sending the Jets the #1 overall pick in return for the Jets two first-round picks (#4 and #29), their second-round pick (#35 overall) and one of their fourth-round picks (#103 overall). Since the Jets have seven picks in the first four rounds, they could potentially afford to deal a handful of picks to get their man, should they so desire.

If this deal is proposed to the Texans, accepting it should be a no-brainer. No matter how talented Bush is, there is no way that a 2-14 team who is trying to build from scratch (again) and who already has a more-than-serviceable RB signed to a long-term contract can pass on an opportunity to add either a franchise OT or a freakish pass rusher, both of whom could be a #1 pick overall in another year, while simultaneously adding three additional high-level draft picks to their stash. Make the deal, Charley!


Blogger Tim said...

If the Jets are truly serious about giving away the proverbial farm for Reggie Bush, this is a no-brainer. Assuming the deal goes through, the Texans would be armed with two first rounders, two second rounders, two third rounders, and two fourth rounders in this year's draft. That blows my mind.

That said, I can't imagine any rebuilding team, even one as desperate for a star as the Jets, giving away that much for the right to select one player. Even if it's the next Gale Sayers.

Fri Apr 21, 03:38:00 PM  

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