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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Early look at Rockets' offseason

The Rockets' (remember them?) sewed up either the 8th or 9th spot in the 2006 NBA Draft Lottery by losing to the Spurs Wednesday night. Assuming they end up in either the 8th or 9th spot in the draft, who are some guys that they might consider selecting? One would hope that shooting guard and power forward would be the positions of primary focus this offseason. According to my interpretation of the current roster's contract situation, David Wesley, Keith Bogans, Maicej Lampe, Rick Brunson, Richie Frahm and Chuck Hayes will all be off the books after the season. Personally, I think Wesley would be great to have as a backup SG/defensive stopper in a reduced role for 2007. I also would like to see Bogans and Hayes back (in my completely unbiased opinion). That would leave the depth chart as follows:

PG: Alston, Sura, Spanoulis
SG: _________, Wesley, Head
SF: McGrady, Bogans
PF: Howard, Swift, Hayes
C: Ming, Mutombo

Clearly, backup PG and back up C appear to be need positions as well, more likely to be filled in free agency than in the draft. Don't forget about Vassilis Spanoulis, a 24 year-old Greek point guard who will likely get an extended look in summer league play.

In the draft, Brandon Roy would be certainly able to make an instant impact, but I think that Arkansas junior Ronnie Brewer would be the best pick at the shooting guard spot. Brewer is not quite the scorer that Roy is, but Brewer is much more athletic than Roy, a much better defender than Roy and is a better passer/playmaker than Roy. If you can find a sharpshooter to spread the floor either in free agency or in the second round, then I like Brewer with the first round pick.

At the power forward spot, Tyrus Thomas and LaMarcus Aldridge will likely go in the top 5. I always felt that Shelden Williams was overrated at Duke, a solid big man but not a first-team All American caliber player. That said, I think he would be a perfect fit for the Rockets. He is physical and would present a solid presence in the paint, complementing Yao and Juwan Howard nicely. I hesitate simply because #8 overall seems awfully high, but I think he could be a Charles Oakley-type player in the NBA.

Some guys likely destined for the second-round that should pique the interest of Caroll Dawson & Friends include Gerry McNamara, Quincy Douby of Rutgers, Denham Brown of UConn, Steve Novak of Marquette, J. P. Batista of Gonzaga and Roy Hibbert of Georgetown.


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