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Friday, April 14, 2006

Backe's Injury a Positive in the Clemens Derby?

Although the initial reaction to Brandon Backe's "sprained elbow" yesterday was obviously unadulterated terror for any Astros fan, I'm beginning to think this could become a positive in Roger Clemens' decision to remain retired. Think about it: The team's No. 3 starter goes down, leaving a rotation of Oswalt, Pettitte, Rodriguez, Buchholtz, and either Nieve or Hirsh. Assuming the 'Stros continue to put up runs and stay respectable in the win column, wouldn't it make Clemens look all the more like the conquering hero returning to help the hometown team in their hour of need? It seems like a perfect excuse for the Rocket to be "jolted" out of retirement.

On a slightly more selfish note, my success in fantasy baseball also demands Clemens return as soon as possible. I just traded Preston Wilson for Roger Clemens yesterday on the basis of my gut telling me the Rocket will be rocking Minute Maid by June. As I think that Wilson will be good for at least 30 HRs this year, my bold move has a great chance of being the most one-sided trade since Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen.


Blogger Garth and Adria Tingey said...

I think that Backe's injury was no influence on Clemen's return to Houston. Roger is coming back to a team that will give him the most money for 4 months of work and a legit chance at winning the World Series. I don't think that Houston gives him that

Wed Apr 19, 09:24:00 PM  

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