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Monday, April 03, 2006

Bush to Texans--Now a Foregone Conclusion?

As expected, Reggie Bush put on a show yesterday at USC's Pro Day:


I'm not the biggest numbers guy in the world (or even on this site), but a 4.33 40 is freaking ridiculous by any standard. While I will forever remain a VY disciple, it seems like it's all over but the crying. Bush is scheduled to be in H-town on Thursday to visit with Bob McNair and the rest of the Texans' brass. Although Jesus in Cleats will be stopping by Reliant on Friday, I fully expect word to become official next week that Bush is the Texans' guy. Start printing up the steel blue, red, and white Bush jerseys, NFL.

Personally, my only hope is that the Titans take Leinart with the third pick. The thought of Vince playing for the Oilers is too much for my soul to comprehend. It would break me in two.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus in cleats? since when did running over a young and sub-par defense in a bowl game warrant comparisons to a higher power?

Personally, I think the texans have had a solid off season for a team that had a lot of needs to fill. I just dont see the point in drafting a 4-5 yr project at QB over someone that can step on the field immediately and make a difference.

Once they draft Bush, they should try to get another offensive lineman who could challenge for a starting job right away, and then they should start looking at defense. I heard a lot of Texans fans blaming Carr for the teams woes last year. Most people dont know that the Texans as a team scored the same amount of points the Chicago Bears did... and look at the W-L column. Defense wins!

Thu Apr 06, 01:47:00 PM  

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