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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Much Ado about Nothing

I never thought that soccer would inspire such passion in my soul, but I was wrong. Of course, the fire in my belly is completely unrelated to anything occurring on the "pitch", but instead directed at the completely hypocritical, braindead morons who complained about the chosen team name "1836" so much that the cowards in charge have agreed to change it.

A few quick caveats before I rant any further:
1. I will not attend one MLS game, even at gunpoint.
2. I will not watch one MLS highlight on TV, even if offered $1 million. It's a matter of principle, not logic.
3. "1836" was quite possibly the stupidest team name I'd ever heard to begin with, but to call it "offensive" is analogous to so-called "British-Americans" calling the New England NFL team's nickname "offensive".

This article in the Chronicle today sums up the current state of affairs. My first demand is that any person of Mexican descent living in America who is bitching about this team name IMMEDIATELY cease and desist from demanding to be called a "Mexican-American". Clearly, if you are offended by the mere mention of the date 170 years ago in which Mexico lost a war in which your current home state won its independence, you are by definition NOT an American. You are by definition a Mexican. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a Mexcian. Being a Mexican is certainly something to be proud of, and if I was from Mexico and the mere thought of my kin losing a war 170 years ago drove me that crazy, I would proudly call myself a "Mexican" and more than likely move back to my precious homeland. You simply cannot live in a free country, benefit from all of its innumerable assets and still make such preposterous demands and complaints. It is beyond hypocritical. Are not Bob McNair and Friends rubbing those same complainants' noses in the mud everytime they mention "the Texans"? Should that team also change its name to something less "offensive"? I mean, it was only 170 years ago that Mexicans walked this "Texan" landscape freely. Where's LULAC on this one?

Much like the theatrical athletes in this sport who fling themselves onto the ground and wave pathetically for a gurney when they so much as brush cleats with an opposing player, it is clear that the administrators and executives in this sport similarly throw up the white flag when confronted with any sign of conflict or convtroversy, even in the event that it is completely unfounded and laughable. I wish for once someone would stand up to these idiots and fight their "claim" all the way to the highest court in the land. Otherwise, it is clear that this ignorance will find no bounds.

EDIT: I got through my rant and failed to mention the extremely ill-suited nickname of the Philadelphia NBA team (for those British-Americans among us, I'll spare mention of the specifics so as to prevent you from incurring the severe emotional and physical duress that would surely result). Obviously, something's going to have to give in Philly as well...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are 100% accurate with your assesment of this hypocritcal politcal B.S.

I actually liked the name to begin with and now I really want to keep it. Most Mexican-Americans aren't even fans of MLS teams. They're fans of Mexican League teams.

Why would we change the name of a HOUSTON, TEXAS, TEAM to make another country feel better about themselves?? Should we still celebrate Texas Independence Day? Should we tear down the San Jacinto Monument? Give me a break.

Of all the issues in society our leaders are focused on the name of a freakin' soccer team. Sheez!

Wed Feb 15, 11:23:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the owners of this team can't take a little political correctness pressure and change the name, I suggest the Houston Choke or Houston Chokers.

The lack of tenacity and leadership they are showing is a preview of how the team would perform in a crucial game.

Thu Feb 16, 10:20:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share most of your sentiments except I will buy tickets and watch games. I wish more "fans" would acknowledge the American soccer players are some of the least theatrical foul victims in the sport. The "All Star" game this weekend and the amount of 7 foot 250 plus pound players who tumble to the floor when bumped into in basketball I feel have made the American players more sensitive to the farce of what gets recognized as athletic competion and why soccfer as opposed to basketball and baseball is actually a GROWING sport in attendance and ratings.

Thu Feb 16, 11:11:00 AM  

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