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Monday, February 13, 2006

No More Moochie

According to the New Orleans Hornets team website, the Rockets sent Moochie Norris and an undisclosed amount of cash to the Hornets in exchange for Polish center Maciej Lampe. Lampe has played in an astounding two (2) games this season for NO-OKC, and he is likely best remembered as "Mr. Pitiful" (a/k/a the last guy in the Green Room) at the 2003 NBA Draft. Lampe did play in a combined 37 games last season between Phoenix and New Orleans and is only 21 years of age. At 6'11", 275 lbs., Lampe potentially gives the Rockets a large, physical presence in the middle to spell Yao and Dikembe. However, more likely is the possibility that between Stromile Swift's alarm clock issues, Derek Anderson's wish to be dealt and David Wesley's expiring contract, more moves are in the offing. Assuming Bob Sura is out for the season and Jon Barry is not going to be activated again this season, the current depth chart appears to be:

PG: Alston, Head
SG: Wesley, Bogans
SF: McGrady, Hayes, Bowen
PF: Howard, Swift
C: Yao, Mutombo, Lampe

What could a package of Wesley, Swift and D.A. retrieve? How about Kenyon Martin? He's apparently worn out his welcome in Denver, and the salaries appear to match up. What about this depth chart:

PG: Alston, Head
SG: Bogans, Barry
SF: McGrady, Hayes, Bowen
PF: Martin, Howard
C: Yao, Mutombo, Lampe

There's obviously a hole at the SG position, but possibly Bob Sura could fill that upon his return. I don't think this will happen, necessarily, but with all of the options that the Rockets have and their backs against the wall approaching the All-Star Break, I would not be surprised to see a major deal go down very soon.


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