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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rose Bowl Prediction

Time constraints have unfortunately prevented me from doing an in-depth preview of tonight's Rose Bowl, but suffice to say that I am more excited for this game than any sporting event since Pitino Returns Part I.

The keys to the game will be Texas's front 4's ability to rush Leinart and USC's ability to confuse Vince Young with their coverages (in other words, the team that gets better QB play will win). I am confident enough that UT will be able to slow down USC's run game, but I believe that Gene Chizik is going to have to put in a very aggressive defensive scheme in order for the Longhorns to be victorious. Leinart cannot be allowed time to pick apart Texas' talented secondary because he simply has too many weapons in Bush, Jarrett, Smith and Byrd that can cause trouble down the field. Likewise, I expect USC to play a variety of changing coverages and try and keep Vince contained in the pocket. I believe Texas will be dominant on special teams and in the run game, and if they can put Leinart on the ground early and often, they can win the game.

My prediction is that USC's coverages will result in a couple of key interceptions by VY, and the Longhorns will come up short, USC 37, Texas 27, but I hope I'm wrong.


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