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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Word from #8

I made sure to DVR the Texans-Titans game on Sunday so that I could watch my ol' buddy Matt Schaub take on the ol' rival Titans. Most of it recorded pretty good, except for the last few minutes, which were cut off when my Season Pass cut over to catch an episode of Mr. Belevedere. That crap's hilarious, man. Still today. Never miss a night of it. Brings back some real memories...back when those episodes were fresh. Mom, in the kitchen making some lemonade and rinsing out my wetsuit. Dad, outside yelling at the old lady next door for not moving her dead husband's car so that the bumper didn't extend out over the sidewalk. Dad, on the phone with the minister, yelling at him about how he didn't like the way he was looking at him while he was being an usher that Sunday morning. Yeah, those are some rad memories.

Speaking of memories, man, did I have fun watchin' the ol Texans this weekend. Ol' Schaubby man, I got to give him some props for representin' like he did. It's nice to see the ol' #8 still out there scamperin' about in the backfield, firin' the ol' check-down pass to the fullback. Funny that the fans down there in H-Town acted like I didn't know what I was doin', and now who's laughin!? They like to think that they got rid of me and are better off, but now they are prolly realizin' that I played ball the right way, just like Schaubbie. I text with him every now and then, let him know some things that I think he could improve on. We all do that - like a brotherhood, y'know? For example, last week, some of times that he dropped back to pass, it seemed like he hesitated for a moment, thinkin' about flingin' one five or ten yards past the line of scrimmage. He'll learn, but he's got to check that. Also, I noticed on some of the plays where there was a Titans' D-lineman within 25 feet of him or so, he stayed in the pocket for a second or two before skedaddlin' to the sideline or chuckin' it at the closest set of cleats he could find. Those things'll come with time. Trust me, I may be on the defendin' world champs right now, but it wasn't always this good for me. Texans' fans will understand - Schaubby just needs some time to grow...develop...y'know? Kubiak's a great QB coach. He didn't give up on me when he showed up, cuz he knew that I had talent. He'll do the same for Schaubby...you just wait and see.

All right, y'all - I got to bounce. Lil' bro just jacked my Sugar Ray CD. If I don't get that back, I'll never be ready in time for Pops to pick me up and take me to practice. Peace!


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