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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Calendar Changes Over, Garner Still an Idiot

Scrap Iron continued to defy logic, intelligence and rational thought by incorporating Wandy Rodriguez in the Astros' Opening Day rotation (at the #4 slot, no less). Jesus Ortiz, clearly excited by the inclusion of a non-white on the 25-man roster, determined that Wandy was "markedly better" on Saturday, allowing only ten hits over six innings to the mighty KC Royals. There is a shred of credibility in this statement, since Wandy allowed 22 hits in 17 innings in spring training and had more walks than strikeouts. Regardless, his numbers are consistently awful, and with the aging Woody Williams and unproven Chris Sampson in the rotation, mental case Brad Lidge in the closer's role and impotent Adam Everett, Brad Ausmus and Craig Biggio in the everyday lineup, Astros' fans should enjoy the Chase for 3000 because it is going to be the only reason to watch games after July 1 in Houston.


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