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Monday, March 26, 2007

Season Over--We Lost Zeke!

Opening Day is still a week away, but Houston fans may as well fold up shop before the first pitch. The 2007 season is over. Ezequiel Astacio is no longer an Astro. And in the cruelest twist of irony, Tom Hicks has snatched him up. Our worst fears have been realized. Sure, Roger Clemens says he won't pitch for the Rangers, but so what? They got Zeke, man!

Zeke's numbers in the bigs--86 2/3 IP, 107 H, 63 R (58 Earned), 72 K, and 31 BB.

Talent like that doesn't just grow on trees. We'd better have a big trade in the works to replace what Astacio would have brought to to the club.

Seriously though, let's also note that all three (3) "young arms" acquired in the Wagner deal are now officially with other teams or pumping gas. I know that trading Wags was more of a salary dump/ridding the team of a malcontent, but it bears mention.


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