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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This Diamond is Awfully, Awfully Rough

T-Poo's nostalgic journey back to the Doggie Era has hit a bit of a snag, and in baseball terms, it's a rather substantial one. Richard Hidalgo cannot hit a baseball. Shocking, isn't it? I mean, he had such a stellar season last year...when...he...was...out...of...baseball. Oh - hmmm...well, maybe he'll rekindle the magic of 2004 when he...hit .228 for the Mets. [Blogger scratches head].

Doggie is getting plenty of ABs (13) but not exactly producing (zero hits). Of course, hitting is not necessarily a prerequisite for entrenching yourself in the everyday lineup (Adam Everett is 1-10), but the fact that Dave Borkowski is tied with Dickie in RBIs and he is tied with Zeke Astacio and Paul Estrada in the Hits category is certainly not encouarging. Eventually (read: today), Gar and T-Poo (at least on paper) will have to end this ridiculous dog-and-pony show and give some (read: all) of these ABs are to legitimate candidates for a starting OF position (Scott, Lane and Pence). In the meantime, tune into the Astros Radio Network on your lunch break today if you want to hear Milo trot out the "Doggie" call because it is not likely to be around much longer.


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