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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Not sure which Bud I hate more now.

Adams or Selig....

Adams is pure evil and will certainly burn in hell for all eternity. I honestly can't hate a human being more than I hate Bud Adams.
And then Bud Selig goes and sends your beloved Astros to Milwaukee to play 2 home games against the Cubs in the middle of the playoff race. Stupidest, most ridiculous, most unfair decision you can recall being made by MLB or any other professional sports league??? Not so, says Bud.

Apparently Bud's hands were tied, and he had no other choice. DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID, BUD??? This is easily the most patronizing thing I've seen since the other Bud cancelled a Monday Night game due to an "unsafe playing surface" in order to blackmail the citizens of Houston into building him a new stadium.
I think my boy Mitch is trying to make a very good point here, unless the double-negative is intentional. There is NO CHANCE that the Yankees or Red Sox would have been forced to play a home game on the road ONE DAY after a natural disaster (or a terror attack) hit their city. Bud, if you're truly sorry, you would admit that this was the wrong decision, rather than trying to sell us on it after the fact. Obviously there's nothing that can be done at this point--so what's the harm in admitting a mistake?
Miraculously, your Stros are only 3.5 games out with 7 to go due to the historic meltdowns of both the Mets and Brewers. Here's hoping they can win out and get some help from NY and Milwaukee. Because if they end up missing the playoffs by a single game, the blood will be on Selig's hands.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bud selig is lucky astro fans are only putting him on T-shirts to show their anger. If he had pulled this with, say, the yankees and it led to a 5 game losing streak he wouldnt be able to go near NY ever again without being beaten to death. apologize now bud. admit it was wrong. admit you just wanted your pansy brewers to have a better chance at the postseason (a lot of good it did them).

Sat Oct 04, 08:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Texans tickets said...

Four posters featuring quotations from the likes of Douglas Adams, Albert Einstein,I mean, we're all pretty convinced that "there is almost certainly no god",Well, I kind of prefer that to being told I'm going to burn in hell of pure data you imagine that you have carefully gathered in your mind.

Thu Mar 26, 08:12:00 AM  

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