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Monday, September 22, 2008

For those Houstonians Teetering on the Ledge

This should solidify your decision to jump. Go ahead, tell me in 10,000 words (a) how good Jose Valverde's been and (b) how Lidge needed a change of scenery to thrive. "Greatest statistical season by a closer in history". Well, at least you obtained Michael Bourn (.226/.287/.296 makes Wily Taveras look like Joe D.), Geoff Geary (very solid 2.32 ERA as a utility reliever) and Mike Constanzo (very, very average in AAA...at the age of 25) as consolation, and it's not like Lidge's near perfection had any impact on the Phillies solidifying a postseason berth a handful of games ahead of the Astros.


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