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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Richie Justice Predicts the Future

Let me start by saying that Dick Justice should be required to place a disclaimer on all of his writing that establishes the fact that he has likely already passionately argued the opposite of whatever his current column's theme is or that he most certainly will do so in the future when it becomes trendy or convenient. So publishing his recent blog entry entitled "10 Things I think today, but could change my mind about tomorrow" was actually one of his better ideas of late. Of course, he had to steal that idea too, apparently, from Peter King, which does not surprise anyone associated with this blog.

Surprisingly, most of his "10 things" did not cause spontaneous vomiting, mostly because they are dumb generalizations without any detailed foundation (a/k/a typical sportswriter 'research'). I will certainly give him credit for the zinger that Kazmir would still be in Double-A were he an Astro. The item, however, that I took immediate notice to was #7, which indicates that Michael Bennett will be the Texans' starting RB in Week One and that Jason Babin and Travis Johnson "will need solid training camps just to make the team". Of course, Justice provides no additional detail to this, probably because he overheard someone else say it in passing and decided to run with it as his own original thought though he has no football reasons or knowledge to back it up, but I find both of these suggestions extremely difficult to digest, much like Tim finds the chicken fried steak at El Patio.

Michael Bennett has never rushed for 500 yards in an NFL season, and he failed to lock up the starting job in Minnesota, a RB-starved organization, despite several opportunities. The Texans already have significant depth at the RB position, making the acquisition alone of Bennett somewhat odd (should it ever happen), much less the notion that he would be starting for the team in a mere handful of months. Secondly, Jason Babin and Travis Johnson both were talented, successful college football players and 1st-round draft picks who have struggled early in their Texans' careers, Babin often as the result of injury problems. Neither Babin nor Johnson was inserted by the Texans in the position, however, that he achieved his college successes, instead being forced to learn a new scheme and a new position on the fly. This season both appear headed back to the comforts of a 4-3 and to their original college positions, where I for one have great hope that they will flourish. I will be quite stunned if either of these two guys does not play a significant role along the Texans' defensive front in 2006, much less if one struggles to make the team. I assume Dickie posted this item as a predecessor for his future blog entry, "1000 things I threw against the wall without backup or explanation, hoping that one would stick so I could beat my chest in the papers and on the radio at some point in the future".

(One final note, DJ: Garner didn't get stupid overnight...he's been stupid. There are potential solutions involving talented players that have apparently never crossed Scrap's mind. Hopefully he'll stumble into them somewhere).


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