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Friday, October 14, 2005

Revised NLCS Predictions

Scrap's flip-flop of Oswalt and Clemens threw my precise predications off, but the net result is the same thus far: a split in St. Louis. I'm still nervous about the ability of Pettitte/Clemens/Oswalt/Lidge to sustain the level of perfection that will be required to overcome the Astros' offensive woes over a long series, but here are my revised predictions for the remainder of the series, reflecting the modified pitching matchups. FYI - I still think that the Angels are the best team in baseball, although losing Colon makes me a little nervous. Must be nice to have a stud like Erwin Santana just hanging out ready to step in at a moment's notice. That guy would be a top-of-the-rotation guy on more than half of the teams in baseball.

Game 3: Clemens v. Morris - the Rocket lives up to the hype - Astros 6-1 (Astros lead 2-1).
Game 4: Backe v. Suppan - Birds Bomb Backe - Cardinals 11-4 (Series tied 2-2).
Game 5: Pettitte v. Carpenter - AP's better than Game 1, but so is Carpenter - Cards 1-0 (Cards lead 3-2).
Game 6: Oswalt v. Mulder - Late rally extends series - Astros 4-3 (Series tied 3-3).
Game 7: Clemens v. Morris - Rockets runs out of fuel - Cards 4-2 (Cards win series 4-3).

I cannot wait to see where Chris Burke is next spring. I could not be happier for the guy, even though he went to Tennessee.


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