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Monday, October 10, 2005

ESPN NLCS Predictions

Of the ten pundits questioned, it's an even split between the Astros and Redbirds as to who is going to go to the World Series.

Astros: Gammons (7), Stark (7), Crasnick, Olney (6), Neyer (6) and Caple (7)
Cards: Kurkijan (7), Crasnick (6), Phillips (7), Gillette (6) and Neel (7)

Since Olney's an established moron (further evidenced by picking SD over St. Louis in the NLDS), the tally is really 6-4 in favor of the 'Stros.

Here's my guess at the pitching matchups should the NLCS go seven games:

Game 1 (Wednesday 10/12): Pettitte (6 days rest) v. Carpenter (7 days rest)
Game 2 (Thursday 10/13): Clemens (6 days rest, not counting 44-pitch bullpen session Sunday) v. Mulder (6 days rest)
Game 3 (Saturday 10/15): Oswalt (6 days rest) v. Morris (6 days rest)
Game 4 (Sunday 10/16): Backe (6 days rest) v. Suppan (yet to appear in 2005 postseason)
Game 5 (Monday 10/17): Pettitte v. Carpenter (each on 4 days rest)
Game 6 (Wednesday 10/19): Clemens v. Mulder (each on 5 days rest)
Game 7 (Thursday 10/20): Oswalt v. Morris (each on 4 days rest)


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