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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Breaking News: McHale releases Angry Pirates postseason lineup

In by far the biggest scoop yet for H-Town Sports, sources have informed us of Skip McHale's tentative lineup for tonight's championship quest:

Koy - LCF
Thompson - LF
Pawlik - P
Townsend - C
Guidry - 1B
Vandenberg - 2B
O'Rourke - RCF
Castille - RF
Moore - SS
Landers - DH
Maguire - 3B
Murillo - DH/C
Thomas - DH/2B/3B/RF

Our sources say that McHale has yet to scribe the lineup in his legendary yellow tablet, indicating its temporary nature, and knowing his whimsical nature and tendency for impulse-based decision making, changes could be made. Our sources also reported that McHale's focus has been on seeing a fundamentally-sound defense which keeps the ball in front of them and does not allow any extra bases.


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