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Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Feature: Today's Chronicle Highlight

Today we are debuting a new feature, "Today's Chronicle Highlight", in which we will select one tidbit from that day's edition of the Houston Chronicle that we believe deserves special attention.

Today we look at a quote from the cover story by Emily Davis about college football programs sending truckloads of text messages to high school football recruits. If this were sent to an underage cheerleader rather than blue-chip Klein Collins RB Michael Goodson, I think an indictment might be in order:

"I'd die for you." -- sent by an unnamed Southern Cal assistant coach
Clearly adept at evaluating the credibility of such come-ons, Goodson is not ready to run for the warm, brawny arms of that USC coach just yet: "No, I didn't believe him."

Now I admittedly have little room to poke fun at the defending national champs seeing as my alma mater's football team has a consistent history of stinking and cheating, but I think I'll rest a little easier if Louisville shallacks us (again) knowing that the Big Blue is taking their medicine without published reports of our assistant coaches "texting" romantic promises to recruits.


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