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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not Again!

I hate Albert Pujols. Just when it seemed that Brad Lidge might be getting it turned around, the most famous receding hairline in St. Louis had to crap all over him again by hitting a walk-off double last night. What does Pujols want? Does he want to see Lidge break into tears on the mound? Start bleeding from the ears? Spontaneously combust?

Sure, Lidge had put two guys on ahead of him in the bottom of the ninth and the Cards are locked in a battle for the NL Central, but c'mon. You'd think Pujols would have done the Christ-like thing and kept the bat on his shoulder. That's what I do whenever the opposing pitcher has been knocked around in my softball games. But I guess I'm just a better human being than Albert Pujols.

NOTE--The 'Stros are really done now. I stand by the fact that it was over when they dropped the second game to the Reds to fall seven (7) games back in the wild card race a few weeks back, but it's truly over now. Allow the teeth gnashing over Mario Williams' desire and David Carr's suitability as a starting QB to begin in earnest.


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