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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

[EDSBS] #1 Sign that Fowler/Herbstreit do NOT have a Vote

Apparently GameDay for the upcoming historic slate of college football games has been moved at the last minute from Knoxville (Florida-Tennessee) to L.A. (Nebraska-USC), which, not so coincidentally, is the site of the ABC Game of the Week. That's disgraceful. I would argue that Notre Dame-Michigan and LSU-Auburn both rank ahead of Nebraska-USC, and so would Miami-Louisville if the Canes had not lost to Free Shoes U., as would Clemson-FSU if Clemson had not lost to BC.

I had been wondering how the GameDay set would be affected if the pregame show was located at a game other than the the ABC primetime game since Herbstreit is now part of the three-man booth for the ABC primetime games. Guess either we'll have to wait another week to find out, or we can be certain that the GameDay crew will be at the site of every ABC primetime game.

Thanks to Every Day Should Be Saturday for the tip.


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