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Friday, September 08, 2006

All Hat, No Cattle

For the first time in ten years, #1 and #2 will meet in the regular season when the Ohio State Buckeyes invade Austin this Saturday. The Longhorns will put their 21 game win streak on the line in their second all-time match up with Ohio State. Much of the chatter surrounding this years’ game has focused on non-issues like UT suspending Terell Brown, the weather, or the number of Buckeyes fans traveling to the game. These irrelevancies will make about as much difference to the outcome as “The 'Shoe! At night!” did last year. As a UT legend told the official after the coin toss against A&M, “It don’t make a shit.”

This game, like every game, is about match-ups and execution. Troy Smith throws as pretty a pass as anyone in college football. He was nothing less than perfect last week. Ted Ginn Jr. was unstoppable as well with 123 yards on just 4 catches last week. Against Texas last year, he had only 9 more yards than Ted Ginn Sr. in Jim Tressel's laudable effort to set up six field goal attempts. The Longhorn defense returns 9 starters. Unfortunately for Buckeye fan, expect the second year under Gene Chizik to be better than the first. Look for Chizik to exploit OSU’s inexperienced interior line with a variety of blitzes. Sure, Troy Smith is a fighter. Ginn and Gonzales give them a puncher’s chance, but UT is stronger than 40 acres of mowed garlic on defense. Smith is in for a long day, if not a short one.

The Buckeyes lost 9 starters on defense. They looked more than a little suspect against the run last week. Colt McCoy and Texas looked steady, but not spectacular, last week in a purposefully pedestrian gameplan. Look for Jamaal Charles to run faster than small town gossip outside the tackles and into the secondary. Mark it down--UT will score on an end around as the playbook continues to open up. Colt will make some big throws and continue to manage the game.

Neither of these teams has proven it belongs in the top twenty yet. But I'm calling it--Texas will put this one away in the third quarter in a 27-13 win. The game won’t live up to the hype because the Swing State Aggys are just flat out what-a-burgered.

Also, take Illinois and the points.


Blogger Tim said...

Your charming colloquialisims amuse me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Horns 24, Swing State Aggies 20.

Fri Sep 08, 09:54:00 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

Great post. I hope you're right.

Fri Sep 08, 11:22:00 AM  

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